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Positivity Tribe Radio Episode 4: White Supremacy, White Privilege, and White Allyship Pt. 1


"White supremacy in the United Sates is like trying to get the egg out the cake after you baked it" - Sonya Renee Taylor

On this episode of Positivity Tribe Radio, Eddy and Tsedi sits down with the facilitator of UNtraining White Liberal Racism, Gregory Mengel Ph.D,  to discuss about the depths of white privilege.
Hosts- Eddy and Tsedi
Audio Engineer- Cesar Perez
Beats provided by- Mcstravick (Checkout Mcstravick music at mcstravick415.bandcamp.com)
Executive Producer: Guled Muse
Special Guest Bio: 
Gregory Mengel Ph.D is a white, gay, cis male, working class raised educator and writer committed to social, racial, and ecological healing. He holds a PhD in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He studies philosophy, history, and cognitive science to unpack the stories that shape our collective realities and apply those insights in the service of a more just and vibrant world. In addition to Beyond Separation, Gregory teaches Untraining White Liberal Racism through the UNtraining and serves on the teaching team for White and Awakening in Sangha at East Bay Meditation Center. Gregory’s writing can be found on his blog, CosmologyofWhiteness.blogspot.com as well as the Huffington Post.
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